150+ Years of Masonic Tradition!

Rocky Mountain Lodge #1 F&AM, (PHA)
4200 E. Colfax
Denver, Colorado 80220

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We at Rocky Mountain Lodge #1 F&AM, PHA welcome you to our virtual home!
We meet the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at 7:30pm.


Halloween At Boys and Girls Club

JW Mark Richardson did it again! This time he worked out a time
that Rocky Mountain Lodge No.1 could come and support Halloween Trunk Or Treat
with the Boys and Girls Club.
Thank you to all that came out to support on a cold and spooky Halloween Night!

New Genesis Homeless Shelter

Holy Scripture states "For I was hungry and you gave me meat" Matt 25:35.
In accordance with that scripture, Rocky Mountain Lodge No.1 gathered food
and clothing and set about to deliever it to New Genesis Shelter.
It was truely a blessing to all as it is better to give than recieve.!

Park Hill Academy

JW Mark Richardson coordinated with Park Hill Academy to help serve hot meals
and a day of fun for the school. For his unselfish actions the Academy
presented him with this certificate.
Thank you to all that supported the Park Hill Academy!

60th Annual Father and Son Breakfast

On a cloudy May 20th the 60th Annual Father and Son Breakfast was held
at the Boys and Girls Club of Denver. It was a good time with good food,
good friends and most importantly good Fathers.
Thank you to all that supported this annual event!


Past Master Henry Goodson passed a milestone on May 6th recieving an apron
for his 50 years in Rocky Mountain Lodge No.1
May God Bless you for your many years of servce

Bike Give-A-Way 2019

We're at it again. Giving away bikes. Thanks to all that helped out.

Ashlar Grab 2019

On a brisk Spring evening in May, seven Master Masons saw it fit to
travel to another place other than home in an effort to receive wages.
They have returned home with wages indeed!

George Washington Carver Daycare Egg Hunt 2019

Getting Bags ready for the George Washington Carver Easter Egg Hunt.

Sick and Distress

Keep our humble Fraternity in prayer!

Newsletter of Rocky Mountain Lodge No.1

The newsletter needs to be resurrected. Heres a very old one. Click here for a look.


Lots and lots of stuff going on

Current Lodge Officers

The following table lists the current lodge officers...although none of the pictures are going to show up:

WM: Bro. Marcus Whitney
SW: Bro. Phil Malone
JW: Bro. Mark Richardson
SD: Bro. Robert Putney
JD: Bro. Adam Harmon
SS: Bro. Melvin Burris
JS: Bro. Darrel Thomas
Tresurer: Bro. Ed Dow
Recording Secretary: Bro. Roscoe Crawford
Secretary: Bro. Tony Tucker
Chaplin: Bro. Roderick Williams
Marshal: Bro. Danny Cason
Tyler: Bro. Dwayne Wright
Trustees: Bro. Dwayne Wright
Bro. Felix Barbain
Bro. Beveridge Brown
Bro. Luis Castro Calderon
Bro. Roderick Williams



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